“Tic”apalooza Weekend is September 24 – 26

“Tic”apalooza takes place in the state of New York each fall.  With 45 campers attending and 25 volunteers helping out, this is their 8th year making a difference for kids ages 7-17 years old.  Each year the camp features a theme.  Survivor was this year’s theme with cabins getting colored bandanas to represent and name their “tribe” and a Saturday evening talent show to show off their talents.

To learn about “Tic”apalooza, click here.

2,742 Responses to ““Tic”apalooza Weekend is September 24 – 26”

  1. Melissa Battalio says:

    My daughter is 12 and has Tourettes. We live in Central NY and I’d like to find out where this camp is located, will it be held again this year and do you have any information on other events in my area?


    Melissa Battalio

  2. April Freeze says:

    I have a child with Tourrette’s and would love to know about events relating to the disorder.

  3. wp-tourette says:

    You can find the groups contact info at this website. Cheers, Brad

  4. wp-tourette says:

    If you’d like to learn more about this camp, visit their website: http://www.tsa-gnys.org/ticapalooza.html

    Otherwise keep up with us via our website or facebook. Thanks

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