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Meet Trent: Animator, creator and future artist

What is your name? Trent

How old are you and where are you from?  23, and I’m from Prairie Village, Kansas.

How long have you had Tourette Syndrome? My whole life; I was diagnosed when I was three.

What kinds of symptoms do you have?  I have body spasms, including turning my head to the left and extending my left arm. 

What is life like for you living with Tourette Syndrome?  It is as normal as it can be.  I am blessed in the fact that my family and friends have always been very understanding and kind about it.  If someone is looking at me funny in public due to my tics, I just kindly explain to them that I have Tourette’s, and they almost always understand.

What advice can you give other kids who are newly diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome?  I would say to them that, “You can’t help it, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  And If anyone picks on you for it, forgive them, because they just don’t understand.” 

What is the hardest thing about living with Tourette Syndrome?

Whenever I have long bouts of tics per day, it sometimes makes my body sore, and they can also be exhausting.

What do you think other people should know about Tourette Syndrome?

I would like them to know what it is, exactly, and that there is more to it than just cursing. 

What are your strengths and what do you like to do?

My strengths are that I am kind, strong, and responsible (if I do say so myself.)

I love cartoons, and as such, I like to make them myself!  I create animations and short films all the time, and graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute last year with a BFA in animation.  I am always thinking up new ideas and stories, and I love to draw them out, write them out, and then make them into a full fledged cartoon!

(In fact, see an animated film I made about Tourette’s here:  vimeo.com/66490253)

What are your goals in life?

My biggest goeal is to start my own animation/film studio and create my own films and T.V. Shows. 

I’d love to work at other studios beforehand, too, and meet my heroes from the film/animation industry.