Meet Bella: Storyteller, chef and future director!

Meet Bella from B.C. Canada





I’m fifteen, And I currently live in B.C, Canada. I have had TS since I was nine; originally

having a fair few vocal tics, and few facial tics. Now it is the opposite, I have many facial tics,

including eye blinks and facial scrunches, and a few vocal tics, like hissing and clicks.

Life for me is quite normal, even with TS. My TS is just my background noise to

everyday life. Sometimes it gets annoying, but other times you barely notice it. Yes, I do worry

sometimes what other people are going to think of it, but most of the time I don’t care, it is what

makes me, me. Over the years I have grown to enjoy my background noise (in most cases!) and

I’m not afraid to say that I would never take my TS, given the opportunity!

My advice for other kids would be to accept TS as quickly as you can. You can’t get rid

of it, so why not enjoy it while it lasts. And because of my TS, I have met some amazing people,

and had some amazing opportunities, so don’t let it close doors for you!

The hardest thing for me living with TS is the lack of information about it. When so many

have no idea what TS is, or worse, mock it because all they know are stereotypes about it. But I

have learned that the best way to deal with that is to just inform about what TS really is. There is

always a solution to everything!

The one thing I would let other people know about TS is that it is such a small part of

the big picture. When you think about it, and if you approach it the right way, TS only enhances

who you are. It adds another depth of character to a person, and makes them that much more

interesting. Personally, I have learned so much over the years because of my TS, and it has

become such an integral part of who I am, that I would never give up my TS!

My favorite thing to do is tell stories, whether it be through writing, a play, or a film, I love

being able to create new worlds and Idea with just a few words. As well, I love cooking, walking,

and playing with my little brother and sister! My favorite classes in school are: English, Drama,

Video, and French. I also love science fiction movies and books.

My big goal in life is to become a well-known filmmaker. I have loved watching films all

my life, and I would love to be a director who tells different, interesting stories. I also plan to be

an advocate, not just for TS, but for mental health, Canadian films, and anything worth believing


Check out her documentary on TS that is available to watch on


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