Congratulations March 2011 Grant Recipients!

We are excited to announce the March 2011 recipients of the Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation Grants. Each of these organizations coordinate programs that support the mission and vision of our Foundation. The programs will be making a difference in the lives of children with Tourette Syndrome across the United States.

1) Tourette Information Center and Support of Georgia
Camp Twitch and Shout
Click here to learn more!
2) Phoenix Area Support Group of the Arizona Chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Association
Workshops for Youth and Families
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3) Tourette Syndrome Camping Organization-Illinois
Tourette Syndrome Camp USA
Click here to learn more!
4) Joshua Center For Neurological Disorders in Kansas City
Joshua Summer Camp
Click here to learn more!
5) Tourette Syndrome Association of Greater New York State
Camp Tic-A-Palooza
Click here to learn more!
6) Pennsylvania Tourette Syndrome Alliance
Accept Me Project
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7) Tourette Syndrome Association of Ohio
Adventure Weekend
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If you are interested in making a donation now to support our grants, click here to donate.

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