Mission and Vision


The Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation, Inc. (BCTF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) whose aim is to help children who have Tourette Syndrome learn how to exist in the real world with others who don’t understand. We support the socialization, achievement, and education of individuals with Tourette Syndrome and the non-profit/tax-exempt organizations that focus on the needs of those with Tourette Syndrome.


Our vision is to challenge perceptions and embrace differences so that every child with Tourette Syndrome has a chance to follow their dreams.


The money donated to the BCTF goes to the different programs and events taking place across the US to make a difference for children with TS. Kids come first with our organization. We want to put your money at work as we make a difference in a concrete way in everyday lives of people with Tourette syndrome. While research and support information is extremely valuable, donations made to BCTF goes straight to the community/kids across the nation to make quality of life better.

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