Hanging out with the “Brads”

The “real” Brad Cohen and his alter ego, James Wolk, who portrayed Brad in the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie Front of the Class joined the fun as camp counselors at this year’s Camp Twitch and Shout in Georgia.

Friends since the movie was produced in 2008, both Brad and James have committed themselves to helping kids with TS take some time off and be together  at camps like Twitch and Shout.

James Wolk has attended the last two camps and is a member of the BCTF board.  His portrayal of Brad in the movie was critically acclaimed and he can be seen on television and in the movie theaters this month starring in his own TV show on Fox as well as in a movie with Betty White, Sigorney Weaver and Jaime Lee Curtis.

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  1. Maryanna Perry says:

    I just wanted to say that since I seen your movie 2 years I couldn’t wait until I got it on DVD, I know show it at the beginning of Pediatrics in Nursing to every nursing class. I feel that it has changed the unaware and misinformed to informed future nursing,
    Thank you for having the courage to make this movie and share your childhood with us
    Maryanna J Perry MSN,RN

  2. wp-tourette says:

    So glad you have been able to use my story as a way to educate and inspire others!

  3. Lawrence says:

    Hi Brad Cohen, I have watched your movie countless times and it inspired me to reached my goals as what u have done. I also have a disability an epilepsy and speech defect so I also having difficulty to enter a teaching position. But when I watched the movie it inspired to never give up and it really move me somehow,that despite the challenges one can still be successful with or without a disability.

    Lawrence Philippines

  4. wp-tourette says:

    Never give up….hang in there!

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